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Some drugs such as hyrdoxycut have led to serious liver damage

Welcome to the Dangerous Drug and Medical Device website. Created by the pharmaceutical litigation attorneys and medical device lawyers with Casey Gerry, this site is especially for people who have been harmed by a prescription drug or an FDA approved medical device. Millions of Americans rely on drugs and medical devices to help them manage arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, psychiatric disorders, high blood pressure, chronic pain, pulmonary disease, and many other medical conditions. They trust the companies that develop drugs and devices to provide safe, effective products.

Too often that trust is misplaced. Every year thousands of patients are seriously injured, and some are killed by toxic drug reactions, irreversible side effects, and dangerous medical devices. Dangerous drugs and devices can help you learn more about some dangerous drugs and devices.

Hydroxycut linked to liver damage and liver failure. FDA calls Hydroxycut a serious public health risk. Learn more
Yaz and other birth control drugs have proven led serious side effects

The plaintiff’s citizenship or immigration status is not an issue in cases involving dangerous drugs or medical devices. Casey Gerry's pharmaceutical litigation attorneys have represented Mexican citizens, Mexican nationals living in the US, and undocumented immigrants who have been harmed by dangerous drugs or medical devices. Location or place of residence when the injury occurred is not a factor. Whether the injuey occurred in the US or in Mexico, if the harm was due to a dangerous drug or device manufactured or marketed by a US-based pharmaceutical firm, Casey Gerry attorneys can pursue redress in US courts.

The US pharmaceutical industry is a $100 billion dollar enterprise, and the market for medical devices in the US is valued at over $90 million dollars annually. With this much money at stake, pharmaceutical and medical device companies have too often chosen to bring drugs and devices to market without sufficient research to assure that they are safe for consumers. In some disturbing cases, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers have had important information about safety issues with their products, and have concealed that information from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and from physicians and other health care providers.

Prescription drugs and complications can lead to life altering changes

For many patients who trusted the drugs and devices prescribed them, these failures of care have resulted in serious harm and even death. If you or a loved one has been injured by a prescription drug, you will want to talk with a seasoned pharmaceutical litigation attorney.

CaseyGerry, a leader in pharmaceutical litigation will help you learn more about the San Diego plaintiff’s law firm that has become a nationally recognized advocate for patients who have been injured by harmful drugs or devices. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or damage to health, or if you have lost a loved one due to a dangerous drug or device, you may be considering legal action. If you have suffered injury from a drug or medical device: should you consider legal action? can help you think through your options.

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